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Special Thanks to Kari Byron, Julie Sidoni, & Angel Boris

To celebrate three keywords that seem to drive traffic to my blog, I put together a special picture montage of Kari, Julie, & Angel. I wanted to do something unusual, rather than just feature traditional photo galleries. So, in the fine spirit of sucking up to my blog viewership, I present to you….

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….neck deep in Oreo Cookies & glasses of milk

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….partially submerged in cheesy salsa (tortillas not included)

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….competing in a heated Jeopardy match!


p.s. “I’d like WOMEN I’D LIKE TO SEE NECK DEEP IN OREO COOKIES for $500, Alex”

p.p.s. No Oreos were hurt or injured in the making of this post.

Martha Quinn, Where are you?!?!

For those of you old enough to remember when MTV (music television) actually played music videos, I have discovered something very cool. It seems that bands like Missing Persons, Iron Maiden, Pretenders, Duran Duran, BlancMange, Stan Ridgeway, and XTC live again. Only this time, as really small, grainy video footage converted to the computer. If you enlarge the screen, the sound quality is still there, but the visual quality drops to less than the Zapruder film (an even older reference than the MTV one!!)

Here are links to some of my favorite videos. Enjoy!

Shadow Of Love by The Damned

Senses Working Overtime by XTC

Talk Of The Town by The Pretenders

Living On The Ceiling by Blancmange

Google Web Tools speaks: Search words that lead people to Blather-Rinse-Repeat

Top search queries
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Looks like if you blog about Julie Sidoni, Kari Byron, or Angel Boris; you get some serious traffic. I am not sure where “Juicy Jenny” fits into all of this, however.

Beatboxen Bush

This is funny.

Well slap a PhD on my head and call me Bill Cosby!

Sorry, kids! It’s time for Uncle stjarna to vent again. This time is the veneration of the completely stupid. Bill Cosby was right. This s##t has got to stop.

While there may be a racial element to this phenomenon of the rap culture, I believe that perpetuating this lifestyle is completely insane across the board. Complete, meaningful sentences in the English language are abandoned for street slang. Male clothing becomes hypermasculine, involving flexing, posing, and posturing. Emphasizing power and control, yet somehow it doesn’t involve a belt from showing your buttcrack to the world. Female clothing becomes hyperfeminine, incredibly tight, with an annoying baby-doll twist. Make-up is worn in such volumes that Maybelline is traded in for Sherwin-Williams. For God sakes, hair gets crimped! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Anyway, music is reduced to repetitive melodies, throbbing dance beats, and lyrics that can’t seem to describe a relationship outside of a bedroom. Career interests are sharply limited to drug dealer, drive-by shooters, and/or servicing drug dealers and drive-by shooters.

Why do I think we are saturated with this mindset? Mainly because even the toy shelves and cartoons are pointing at this crap.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?

Hey look ,everyone! Condi Rice displayed an emotion!

I knew she could do it.

Spam’s ugly sister: e-mail hoaxes

I hate hoaxes, especially ones like this.

I have no problem believing that spiritual energy is not necessarily destroyed at the time of death. There are forces that we may not understand, or have the ability to perceive all the time, but some things that occur can’t be always readily explained.

Then we have this load of s##t.

This ghost image is associated with several stories that involve a young girl dying a horrible death, then reaches out beyond the grave to threaten/kill/bother/give a wedgie to some living being. She appears after the fact in photos taken near Malaysian cemetaries, Japanese cemetaries, Van Halen Concerts, rollercoasters, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. What makes it even worse is that you are told about this in a mysterious e-mail that says if you want to keep this ghost at bay, you have to forward this e-mail onto everyone you know. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling that once you die; things like computers and e-mail won’t be the first things to worry about.

Anyway, for more info about this very versatile ghost, follow the link here:

The ghost that gets around

The new depths of lame hits E-bay

An hotel employee went through a dumpster to collect these food remnants from Britney Spears & her beau, Kevin Federline. The E-bay page claims that this employee saw that they pair hadn’t finished their meals, and followed it down to the dumpster to collect it. The obvious choice? E-bay.

How lame is that? I wonder if this talentless duo had skipped a meal, and instead, spent some time in the potty. Would we have the chance to bid on celebrity fecal matter? How empty must your life be to collect this stuff? Will I know I have become famous when I start seeing my unfinished meals appear on E-bay?

Spam: E-mail’s evil cousin

I can appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the economy. I am all for supporting people in the free market. However, I also like to be left alone sometimes, too. I don’t have to answer my phone or the door, but spam, somehow, violates that.

Being a network administrator, one of my responsibilities is cleaning the spam filter at work. This glamorous job involved going through about 400 pieces of spam a day. If I skip a day or two, the time I have to take, minimumly, doubles. This daily spam amount has grown noticeably since last spring, where the average was about 300 spam a day. This is a good chunk of the e-mail that goes through our entire agency. Every day I do this, I have several thoughts.

First of all, how many mortgages does the world actually need? You’d think with the volume of spam on refinancing that practically everyone with the ability to walk is a potential customer. Do they now extend this refinancing to those with clubhouses and those plastic houses? If that isn’t mind-expanding enough, what about all the erectile dysfunction meds? Is there that much of a woody shortage that drugs like Cialis and Viagra need to be electronically air-lifted into our e-mailboxes each day? Like some bizarre version of a charity, someone has decided to make sure that everyone on the planet is stiff and saves money on their home loans.

What can we do to get back at these often anonymous spammers? Unfortunately, not much. They are playing the numbers. If they can send out 1 million e-mails, and only a small percentage respond; they still make money to make it work for them. Can’t we enforce similar laws that prevent unwanted phone calls or junk mail for this kind of stuff? Our government, of course, is more interested in things like voting themselves pay-raises or, better yet, trying to legislate the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

I think we need to rally the Internet villagers and storm spammers in person. Justice being served, in this case, would be very simple. Those spammers with refinancing e-mails should be forced to refinance their homes everyday. Have them fill out paperwork, sign forms, make downpayments, and waste their days in waiting rooms as payback. Erectile dysfunction drugpushers should be forced to take these same meds daily. Their payback is that they should be strapped into chairs in front of a television set by themselves. You can guess what kind of television fare that I think they should be subjected to….and that will be their payback.


p.s. I would have to think of a payback for those print cartridge spammer dudes.

Blather-Rinse-Repeat’s First Guest Blogger: Babs!

I have asked Babs, owner of the How To Go Insane blog, to be my first guest poster here at Blather-Rinse-Repeat. I have discovered that she also shares the love of cheese (and sarcasm), so I felt it only fitting for her to post here. Be sure to check out her site! Now, behold the power of cheese!

For The Love Of Cheese – by Babs

I have always loved cheese from the day I was born. Or maybe even before that in a previous life when I was a mollusk. You know, I’m not even sure how cheese is made. I don’t think I want to know. I know that it involves cows somehow, which of course, cows come from outer space. But beyond that, I really don’t need to know anything about the cheese making process. Just that it is damn good tasting stuff. And I’m not a cheese snob. Good old plain cheddar makes me happy, though I do appreciate other cheeses as well.

When I was a kid, I developed a hankering for peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Sure the other kids at school thought I was strange when I sat down at lunch to eat this concoction, but they didn’t know what they were missing. I still pity them. Actually, I don’t… more cheese for me. Cheese is also good on apples. Really, slice and apple and each a slice of cheese with the apple slice. Good stuff. And of course I love cheese on “normal” foods as well. Cheeseburgers, extra cheese on pizza, mac and cheese, etc. So many things to do with cheese.

Once when I was a volunteer at a local animal shelter, there was this tiny orange tabby kitten that someone named “Cheese.” Every one that saw the kitten and it’s named thought it was the perfect name for this kitten and it was adopted very quickly. I don’t know who the genius was that named that kitten, but bravo!

Did you know that I sometimes like to ramble with really no point at all? Yep.. but then, this blog is called Blather, Rinse, Repeat. So, it’s only fair that I blather. And I would like to thank sj for the honor of asking me to do a guest post on his wonderful blog. We share the love of cheese. All hail the mighty cheese, which of course, the moon is made of cheese, so go hail it now. Dance naked in front of the cheese moon, this pleases the big cheese moon gods and they will send more cows from outer space so we can have more cheese. -Babs