Regarding the “Downing Street” memos

I believe that the television media has been silent. I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything about it. However, newspapers….especially ones in the larger cities are no stranger to controversial topics like this. Although it’s not an incredible shock, National Public Radio has had some stories on it. I think that even the newspaper in the small town where I live had a national syndication’s article packed between stories of a farmer getting a new tractor and a local softball team making the state playoffs.

I am surprised that journalists funded by the Bush Administration like Maggie Gallagher haven’t tried to spin this for the public. I bet it would be really over the top. I bet it would go something like this……

In some strange League Of Justice cartoon-themed reality, a second dimension opens up and trades places with the George W. Bush in OUR world. He promptly makes some impulsive, poorly thought out decision to go to war with Iraq; then is sucked back through the time vortex or wormhole that brought him here. All heck breaks loose, but Bush tries to deny that it was actually him. England would then jump all over Tony Blair for not recognizing the doppleganger, and Bush would then try to associate the rest of his blunders with his other-dimensional counterpart.

Anyway…..I wouldn’t think the newspapers would be all that silent, especially with people like Ted Rall (if I am remembering correctly) who has used his national columns to give Bush and his Administration some serious lumps. Ted Rall tends to be the liberal equivalent of Ann Coulter. Ann (like Ted) can spin a good phrase, but chooses “emotional button” phrases which do nothing to get to the bottom of any problem we face. Even Ms. Coulter is a self-admitted polemicist. When cornered on any of her strong opinions, she denies everything and says it was taken out of context. Flammable journalism must be selling like mad. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh (to some extent), Al Franken, and a whole host of other personalities all seem to find audiences to listen to their diatribes.

I think better “liberal” views are presented by Maureen Dowd & Cynthia Tucker. Better, in the sense that they are calmer, more articulate, and address the issues instead of stir them up.

Of course, the reason that all of this information on the “Downing Street” memos could be that the other dimension Bush is not allowing the public to find out….or that the media is being paid not to broadcast anything “bad” or unflattering to the current Administration…..My only question is how long before some Presidential scandal unfolds before it is labeled (name-of-the-scandal)-GATE? Can we call it Downing Street-Gate yet?


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