Hot “Karl” In The City

Newsweek has reported that Karl Rove has been documented via e-mail and notes created by Time’s reported, Matt Cooper, that he was the source of the CIA agent leak. Link Here

It has also been reported in the television media that George W. Bush says that he would fire anyone on his staff that would reveal an agent. Scott McClellan, Bush Administration mouthpiece, had initially stated that Karl Rove had the full support of the White House. However, it seems that words are more carefully chosen in the face of this new information. Link Here

I get all tingly inside hearing the usual rhetoric around syntax. Technically, Karl didn’t specifically say VALERIE PLAME, but simply mentioned the agent status of a wife of someone who had been causing the Bush Administration some grief around WMDs. I have become very familiar with this approach to the truth while dealing with squabbles between my 4 and 6 year old son. Once again, you never seem to get to the bottom of anything because there isn’t definitive and both sides offer their forms of reality. However, my 4 year old sometimes takes it a little farther with the infamous line, “I didn’t do it and you didn’t see me.” I didn’t realize that someone not yet in pre-school could have their finger so accurately placed on the pulse of today’s politics.

Anyway, that tingly feeling stays with me as Bush, trying to decisively definitive on his stance on “leakage,” will now have to do a special song and dance number to wiggle out of firing “Hot Karl” for being such a liar. We can almost count on Bush to stand by his man, have yet another of his staff weasel out of their accountability, and mumble some reference to 9/11 to emotionally cloud the issue with distorted patriotism. Great. I love to hear political backtracking. Politics generates more “waffles” than an I.H.O.P.

All I want from my government is to be able to trust it with the power and money we all give it. I don’t care if the next presidential administration is Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or the last cast of the tv show LOVEBOAT; I don’t want to be lied to and I want to see people held accountable. Don’t give me “spin.” Work for us or get the hell out.

p.s. I think the conservatives should do everyone a big favor and quit inspiring the next generation to create their own Michael Moore by being so blatantly incompetent. I am not eager to hear him whine anymore than I am wanting to hear the Bush Administration lie.


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