Don’t know much ‘bout Scientology….

Tom Cruise has recently spent a great deal of time in the media spotlight. From erratic behavior on the Oprah Winfrey Show to his public statements on Brooke Shield’s career, as well as her health issues; Mr. Cruise is demonstrating himself to be very helpful. He points out that psychiatry is a pseudoscience, Ritalin is a street drug, that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, and that anti-depressants are anti-psychotic drugs. Let’s explore these claims, shall we?

I did a little research into Tom’s medical claims and discovered some very interesting things. The most surprising bit of information I found is that anyone who stars in at least two films are automatically have a medical degree bestowed upon them. His memorable work with the films, Legend, and Top Gun allow Mr. Cruise to perform surgery, prescribe medicine, as well as diagnose and treat medical conditions. It also appears that he and Senator Bill Frist have the same remarkable ability to diagnose patients with the added benefit of not having to see them in person. However, instead of Terri Schiavo, it’s Brooke Shields. I think if I was to “play doctor,” I probably would have picked someone else……like Adriana Lima. I am sure she has some condition that would need some exploring…..Anyway, I think I may have stumbled onto the latest trend in health care to have medical professionals determine your treatment plan by viewing you on a television screen. Both Senator Bill Frist and Tom Cruise remain remarkably silent on my Allegra and Flonase intake. Does this mean that I will have to get my own tv show to find out my treatment? I bet this really cuts down on the people hanging around in their waiting rooms. Boy, those guys think of everything.

Tom adamantly avers his awareness with the history of psychology, which obviously colors his dislike of the profession. I think his belief in Scientology taints his view of the medical profession in general. Anyway, I am also aware of the same history he is probably referencing here. I know that our past psychiatric treatment regimens were primitive. It wasn’t all that long ago that our responses to those with psychiatric conditions were treated to electro-shock treatments and restraints with baskets, clothing, and metal cages. Past treatments have potentially included being burned at the stake or being sealed in the basement and left to die. Our past is ugly. We have also come a long way since that time. We may not fully comprehend every structure in the human body; I think that we made major strides. The only realm of treatment I am less likely to believe we have made any progress in is the treatment of cancer. There has got to be a better way that radiation and chemotherapy to rid the body of cancer cells. This is fodder for other post, perhaps. Getting back to what I talking about…

The fact that there are so many psychiatric conditions that can manifest themselves in a range of symptoms and intensities, plus a wide range of medicines and how they bio-chemically interact with us with some variance; I doubt that one can be so categorically against “drugs.” Unless Mr. Cruise’s medicine cabinet is completely bare; I can’t help but wonder where the wiggle room lies with his beliefs. Vitamins, exercise, and behavior techniques may help some things; they aren’t going to do bupka for a whole slew of things. Is surgery out of the question? If I am in a car accident, should I stick with my vitamins, exercise routine, and behavior techniques – as long as I am still conscious while waiting for the ambulance to arrive? Once again, I am pretty sure that Tom doesn’t have any certification in yet another medical field, so you might want to pick your medical advice carefully here.
As a related side note, I have seen the benefit of medication work. As a child care worker at a residential treatment center, I have seen children (aged 11 to 19) successfully manage a variety of conditions with medication. It was never the only form of treatment, and like any other facet of rehabilitation, was part of a personalized plan for that particular child. It, like any other tool, can be misused. However, that doesn’t inherently make medication bad. I also think that in our desire to maintain our health, some may have chosen to give divine status to those in the medical professional. It is just a matter of keeping your perspective, I think.

So, for not having a medical degree or psychiatric designations, Mr. Cruise does present an exciting argument for not taking drugs. The root of his expertise seems to stem from being a Scientologist. I am not really sure what Operating Thetan level out of the eight that Tom has reached, but I am thinking that his “reactive” mind has clouded his “analytical” mind. It’s also possible that he could still even be suffering from residual trauma from the Xenu incident which happened about 75 million years ago.

We, as humans, were given a great deal of choices. It is just a matter of basing those decisions on as much information as possible. Not all of our choices are going to be the best ones. After all, sometimes ya just gotta say, “what the heck?” Right, Joel?


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