Hiliary Clinton’s reality

Reality can be so malleable sometimes. 

In Washington, D.C., unbeknownst to physics professors and scientists, that there are significant variances in reality. Gee Dubya forges his own reality to portray foresight, as well as hindsight is 20/20.  Before you call me some expletive of a liberal nature, I have also noted that Hiliary Clinton has her own version. Of course, she needs her own reality to shield her from the reality her husband offers.

This post is about Mrs. Clinton’s recent comments to the press that quoted her as saying that Bush was the equivalent to the Mad Magazine character, Alfred E. Neumann, is ,of course, wrong. I am not the biggest fan of Bush, but everyone knows that isn’t even close. The truth is that Bush is still getting used to the idea of opposable thumbs and the ability to walk upright.

Truth is a funny thing to the Clintons. Most of their existence in the news has been one scary series of legal events. She has probably spent more time being investigated that actually trying any cases. Although she and her husband have not been convicted of anything (yet), there must be something goin’ on with them to be such a magnet for legal suits against them. And to top it all off, she’s still married to a serial womanizer. I think they only reason Bill is helping with the tsunami relief efforts in Indonesia is because he ran out of interns in the U.S.

If given the choice, Hiliary, I would rather be stupid than a sleazeball.


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