Exercise # 665

Here is a submission I did for WritersPark:

“He/she discovered the plans…”

Use this phrase to build a 175 or fewer word story.
For poems — build one around the word “plans.”

We, as mortals, like to believe
That destiny’s in our favor
We find ourselves frequently wrong
Yet few have doubts that waver

Many act as if each day
Is automatically given
Appearing to be kind and sweet
But by lust and greed are driven

The days we have are precious few
Only counted when we near the end
Too late to find wealth’s not in gold
But in those you befriend

The pious say they know God’s will
Bemoaning all our sinning
But in the race to break His laws
Most of them yet still winning

Faith should not be worn like clothes
Nor shouted into faces
Faith is something that you are
And found wherever grace is

This world would be a better place
If more could understand this
While often reaching beyond ourselves
We’ll never know what the plan is

I’m afraid that there is bad news
Though curiosity still compels us
The only way we’ll know our fates
Is if and when She tells us.


copywrite 2004 –


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