An open letter to Scott McClellan

“Polls show two-thirds of Americans support embryonic stem cell research and a majority of people say they would like to see fewer restrictions on taxpayer funding for those studies.

McClellan said Bush “does not believe that taxpayer money should be used to support the further destruction of human life.” He noted there are no prohibitions on private sector research.” – Quoted by the Yahoo News article below

-“>Bush Holds Fast to Stem-Cell Veto Threat


Dear Bush Administration mouthpiece,

Doesn’t anyone in the Bush Administration see the problem with this line of thought? Wouldn’t you like press conferences to go a whole lot smoother than they do? If memory serves, election of a President is from a mandate from the masses. The election of a President does not involve waiting for white smoke to be emitted from a chimney, at least, not yet. We would appreciate it if we could have our country back. If those elected aren’t actually going to represent the people who vote for them, could you at least rewrite our educational curriculum to reflect that so their isn’t such a glaring disparity between a high-school government class and what gets practiced in Washington, D.C.

May you get indicted and room with an affectionate cellmate named Bubba



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