I found Jesus….in a log pile in Sarajevo

Pilgrims flock to image of Jesus on tree

The practice of idolatry in Christianity is what is generally considered a holy “no-no.” Dark fates befall those who bow to Golden Calves. However, if the vision is that of Christ appears; everything’s kosher….or is it?

I don’t have a problem with Christianity. I don’t even have a problem with ANY religion, actually. Religion is a beautiful thing. Faith is empowering. Being able to see the Divine in all things is like seeing a very bright light. As the Pagan author, Christopher Penczak, points out; the Divine is like light shining through a diamond. He goes onto say that Christians tend to see one, solid bright light. Pagans, on the other hand, are able to discern the facets of that diamond. The same source, but a different perception. Unfortunately, some can be blinded….. regardless of what faith that person professes.

I think what it all comes down to is being mortal. Our perception is really limited. We have been improving our understanding of the world around us since we came into being. Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and even Spirituality are all ways to interpret the world around us, but even used together do not fully fill in the gaps. In our desire to know more, I think we play connect-the-dots with our instinct; sometimes making great assumptions to try to master what we don’t know. In that haste, we end up working with questionable data. Let me explain…..

First, we know that the Bible is at the root of Christian beliefs. One of the core messages of the Bible is that we are to follow Him as an example, and believe in Him to ultimate enter into Heaven for all eternity, upon our passing. It is about finding faith and having it provide for your needs. Acknowledging the need to see Divine reminders in everyday objects when the Bible, alone, gives a great deal of direction strikes me as odd.

It really sounds like spiritual insecurity to get all excited because you thought you’d seen the face of Christ in an everyday object. Doesn’t the Bible seem like a much better Public Relations tool than, let’s say, a tree branch in small town near Sarajevo. What about other sightings? The face of Christ has also been seen, but not limited to,in appearances in dental x-rays (Phoenix, AZ Dec 2004), kitchen cabinets (Everett, WA), a brick (North Carolina), and even on a silo (Fostoria, OH circa 1986). Why would such an important spiritual message appear to be so limited in scope or on such mundane items?

I think that people would need to rethink their faith if its approach is paparazzi-like to the Divine. Yes, it’s natural to be excited to see someone famous or admire. I still think you are at risk of embarrassing yourself, just the same, if are too busy fooling with your camera instead of getting to actually know Them.



One response to “I found Jesus….in a log pile in Sarajevo

  1. I must agree, strange, indeed. Personally, I find God and Christ in God’s Written Word and the Holy Spirit gives me all the interpretation and knowledge and wisdom that I need to survive in a world about to die. And, even more, because of obedience, He gives me ALL of God’s wisdom and knowledge, thus giving me a “good understanding of ALL things.” (see blog article, “God Says, ALL'”)

    You make very strong points that should cause many professed Christians to question their following of man’s errant ways and traditions; for as long as they follow them, they “lack the power of God” in their lives.

    You are a good writer, for as an editor I really enjoyed reading this piece. So, stop by for a visit some time. 🙂

    Love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers, see blogroll

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