A Spontaneous Poem About Broccoli

You remarkable green plant
structured much like a tree
yet with a delicate buttery dew
Tasty and crunchy

Some may rebuke thee
But I say we must confront
our fears about such a delicious plant

For our species to survive
we must stomp out



2 responses to “A Spontaneous Poem About Broccoli

  1. This poem made me think about broccoli. And I realized that it isn’t just a vegetable it is green. I really want to eat some broccoli. That was deep.

  2. Here is my broccoli poem –

    Address to a Broccoli

    After Robert Burns’ Address to a Haggis

    Underneath your fair and honest thatch
    Sit you there king of cabbage patch
    Any meal’s your perfect match

    Noble Broccoli

    Broccoli, great chieftan of the brassicas
    Whose myriad nutrients and anti-cancers
    Make you the apple of the vegetable fanciers

    Boiled, poached, simmered or steep’d
    Broccoli is good to eat.

    Mark the man, broccoli nourished
    Body and soul gayly flourished
    Stout’s the man, whose broccoli’s cherished

    Day or night, I call out softly
    Give to me a noble broccoli.

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