We’d would have had a flawless voting system if it wasn’t for those meddling Democrats

Here is a piece of spam that appears to originate from GOP.COM, which is the website for the Republican National Committee. It was penned by Michael DuHaime, the RNC Political Director. This article believes there to be ‘paid democratic operatives’ that are guilty of voter intimidation and suppression. He encourages you to get involved by reading a report released by The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund, and encourages people to ‘fight back’ by calling into radio shows and write editorials about the Democratic efforts to undermine American’s voting system.

****The spam as received (including headers to prove validity. My address was removed for my own privacy)

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From: “Mike DuHaime”
Subject: Fraud and Intimidation – Updatex-sender: x-receiver: MIME-Version: 1.0Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”—-=_NextPart_3C6_8509E512.3C4EAB2A”

Message-Id: Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:15:02 -0400 (EDT)

I wrote to you in May about the lengths to which Democrats went in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2004 elections, specifically, the Washington State Governor’s race. Our Republican candidate, Dino Rossi, actually won the election, and then the recount, before then Democrat-controlled King County “found” 566 new votes just in time for a second recount, enough to overturn the results of Election Day and the first recount. The judge who presided over the court case that followed, actually said “this election may not be set aside simply because the number of fraudulent votes exceeds the margin of victory” when he issued his ruling against the Republican challenge.Now, The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund (ACVR Legislative Fund), a non-partisan, non-profit organization has released a new report documenting how thousands of Americans were disenfranchised during the 2004 elections because paid Democrat operatives were heavily involved in voter intimidation and suppression.A few of examples include:- Coordinated efforts by certain “non-partisan” organizations disrupt the election process in at least 12 states through voter registration fraud- Democrat operatives convicted for tire-slashing on GOP election day vans in Milwaukee- An Ohio court order stopping Democrat operatives from calling Republican voters telling them the wrong date for the election, and location for polling places.

The report also indicated that the following were the top 5 “hot spots” in the nation for voter fraud.

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Milwaukee, WI
3. Seattle, WA
4. St. Louis, MO/East St. Louis, IL
5. Cleveland, OH

We encourage you to view the ACVR report in it’s entirety at http://www.ac4vr.com and forward this to your friends and family.Fight back today by calling talk radio and writing letters to the editor describing the Democrats’ efforts to undermine American’s voting system.

Michael DuHaime
RNC Political Director

****My comments

There seems to be some questions about the origins of the ACVR, which on the surface sounds non-partisan. However, I wonder if this organization – which seems to have some noticeable ties to the Bush Administration – would stand up to the same scrutiny it gave with its reports it gave to the Department of Justice.

Jim Dyke, the press spokesman for the ACVR, also happens to be the 2004 Communications Director for the Republican National Committee. Mark F. (Thor) Hearne, II, also active with the ACVR, was the National General Counsel for Bush/Cheney ’04 Inc. Suddenly, all of this doesn’t sound so non-partisan. Where do you think the funds for this organization are coming from? GOP deep pockets and Americans who probably think these guys have a legitimate concern that our voting system is messed up. There also seems to be a remarkably short time between when this group formed and it getting in front of the government to present its report.

If you are going to have an agenda, can you at least be upfront about it? Don’t form non-profits, conceal the origins of your organization, promise to fight for a better system, and collect funding only to poison the system you are allegedly fighting to protect. Be upfront about it. Call your group the Right-Wing Nutjobs Who Want To Eliminate Liberals to Further Our Own Causes (RWNWWTELTFOOC).

To read more about this group. Check out these links.




Oh, here’s an interesting link the ACVR must have overlooked.



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