There are 5 things that motivate people: More proof

Sex. Food. Booze. Money. Fear.

E! Entertainment Channel – Watching Celebrities with MONEY go to high-end parties with FOOD and BOOZE, end up in some tabloid because they are busted trying to have SEX. My FEAR is that way too many people consider this solid television programming.

The Six O’Clock News – News items that involve scandal usually get top billing, especially ones involving SEX. Although they usually have some segment about FOOD or MONEY, they usually don’t mention BOOZE unless it was part of the forementioned SEX scandal. FEAR comes into play when viewers are bombarded with images of death, grief, murder, hate, killing, accidents, injury, violence, corruption. Sometimes it can get so scary that all you want to is hide in your closet and eat broccoli.

Fundamental religions – Generating FEAR, they ask their followers to give MONEY to get FOOD to poor countries. In the meantime, your weekends will have to be filled with something besides BOOZE and SEX.

Fast Food Restaurants – Hmmmm. People like to spend MONEY to eat out…especially people who have had BOOZE earlier in the evening. The only FEAR is when you send FOOD back to the kitchen because you don’t know what the waitstaff will do to it as retribution. As for SEX, it is generally looked down upon to have it there while you are waiting for your FOOD to arrive.


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