9 very strange spam subject lines……

The list has been pulled from an active spam filter on a mail server that gets approximately 100-200 pieces of spam EACH day. My comments are in parentheses.


1) Juicy Jenny’s Fisting Frenzy (Can you just get to know me first, Jen?)

2) We cure any desease! (Du yoo haf sumthin four spaam-indoosed nawseeah?)

3) Why is Xanax popular? (you don’t need gas money when you go on chemical vacations)

4) could you use an extra $7500? (Do I want to hear what I need to do to earn it?)

5) This is the best darn tomato I’ve ever tasted (I’m so allergic to tomatoes, I probably shouldn’t even read this subject line)

6) Get them discreetly (and then split before you get caught!)

7) massive rods and cute gals (a new marketing strategy for selling in the curtain industry? Hmmmm. Maybe not.)

8) Quit Smoking in 2005 (it’s not like your lungs are gonna heal or anything)

9) Jesus Saves…and now YOU CAN TOO! (Tell me this isn’t blasphemous)



One response to “9 very strange spam subject lines……

  1. Spammers suck a lot

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