USA TODAY Poll: Does George W. Bush care about black people?

USA Today features a poll on this question. Asked whether the president “cares about black people,” 67 percent of whites said yes, 79 percent of blacks said no. A broader question was put in a poll by The Washington Post, which recorded that nearly two-thirds of black respondents said that race played a part in the government’s response, while just over two-thirds of whites said that wasn’t the case.

George W. Bush doesn’t care about anyone, unless they have the ability to make 6-digit donations to his campaign. He will care then. Really. He’s even take you hunting with him and Antonin Scalia. You can even sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. Make it $500,000 and you can even vacation with him the next time he takes another month off for vacation…..which is probably next week. If you’re really good, he might even let you help him with pronounciation of the 3 syllable words on his next speech.


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