There isn’t anything you can put on Republican National Committee Spam to make it taste better

The following SPAM ended up in one of my e-mailboxes. Here is the SPAM verbatim. Below it, I have posted my response.

*****original spam

Today, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled that schools that start their day with students saying the pledge of allegiance violate the Constitution.

In his ruling, Judge Lawrence Karlton (appointed by President Jimmy Carter) ruled “that under God” violates school children’s right to be “free from a coercive requirement to affirm God.”

As the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on President Bush’s nomination of John Roberts to serve as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, we are reminded how important it is to have well qualified judges on the bench who will not legislate from the bench or push their own personal agenda onto the will of the people.

Take Action!

Let your voice be heard. Call talk radio and let the American public know that you strongly support a higher court overturning this feeble ruling and that congress should take whatever action is necessary to defend the pledge of allegiance.


Dave Rexrode
Director of Conservative Development

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*******end of original spam

After reading this, I was slightly amused at how self-contradictory it was. The third paragraph espouses that it is important to have well-qualified judges that push their own agenda, which makes perfect sense. I would even say that should be a standard for other levels of political professionals. There should be no personal or hidden agendas. Sounds fair, right?However, the next paragraph explains that Congress should take “whatever action is necessary” to overturn this “feeble ruling.” In other words, it is wrong for well-qualified judges to push their own agenda UNLESS IT CORRESPONDS WITH YOUR AGENDA. Do we have ourselves a double standard here? Those crazy liberals are forcing their Godless agenda down our conservative throats, but it’s OK to force school students to use the word GOD in the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s not like it is directly espousing Christianity, even though God is not used to describe the divinity of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Wicca, let alone any other faith under the Paganism category. The presence of the God also doesn’t seem to accommodate Agnostics or Atheists, either. Let’s call this e-mail on what it is. A plea for Christianity to take center stage in our schools. If not center stage, front row seats close enough to touch the bouncers.

The ‘separation of church & state’ is not officially in our Constitution, but its sentiment is important to remember. Historically, it is the spirit (pun intended) that inspired the American colonies break away from England’s rule. We specifically looked at the example of how the Anglican church was interwoven into British rule, and took strides to keep religion and government separate with our newly formed country. While many of our founding fathers were Christian, this wasn’t necessarily the Christianity experienced today. Deism is more of an intellectual, hands-off version of Christianity. You also have to remember at the time, on the heels of the Salem Witch Trials, that the social climate at the time would not have supported anything except Christianity. With the newly forming government and establishing laws, religious law would have been borrowed as a source.with Christianity as that only VISIBLE source, it’s influence is obvious. The only other things on the metaphysical radar would have been intellectual and secret societies, which were very big at the time. They were tolerated, probably because the focus was considered academic or philosophical; rather than spiritual. They also didn’t receive as much attention because they were not in the public eye. However, participation in groups like the Hellfire Club would not have completely exempted anyone from participation in local church services. Worship at the time was essentially mandatory. Even without direct punishment, missing church would have had social stigma especially if it was accompanied by rowdy or anti-social behavior.

All we seem to be left with today is the ability of many people to mistake sentimental notions for historical fact. Grab a few facts and run with it, but drop the facts that conflict with the notion you want to believe. If we were really to go back to the religion of our ancestors, it would be well before the printed word. Our roots in faith probably go back to when we sat around a fire with a full belly, and looked up to the night skies to ponder how we all got here. There were no books. There were no churches. There was nothing to stand between man and his divinity…..not even slanted e-mails to push conservative agendas.


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