Bon Jovi’s HAVE A NICE DAY album rocks out

While traveling the scenic vistas of East Central PA, I listened to the rockin’ sounds of Bon Jovi’s new album. For a first listen, it was surprisingly entertaining.

Not because I was surprised that Bon Jovi can rock out, but by the fact that I have been able to get into a new album so quickly.

Having previous experience rocking out to albums, I tried to remember the last album I bought that I got into the first time listening. However, I struggled to remember the last album I even bought. Confession time. Forgive me, Father, for I have downloaded. I used to be a bad boy. Sometimes, I would download before work then download just before I went to bed. I would even waste entire weekends downloading…not even getting out of my pajamas. I am a changed man today. Because it just isn’t worth it. If the viruses, trojan horses, and malicious software don’t get ya, the RIAA will. I believe that most, if not all, of those P2P programs have people sabotaging it. Posting garbage files that are either blank or messed up, just so people will stop doing the downloading. Anyway, hence I digress.

So, on that note, I recommend that you run out an BUY that new Bon Jovi album. If not to rock out, but perhaps also a chance to be like me.

You know you want to.



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