Jim Croce lyrics turn into modern day prophecy

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask of that old Lone Ranger
and you don’t mess with Jim”
(and subsequently, Slim)

-“Don’t Mess Around with Jim” by Jim Croce

It is nearly Nostradamic in quality with how prophetic it is. In this case, Jim AND Slim would be the Federal Government. “Superman” ,in this reference, is George W. Bush’s Ego. Asking not to “tug on” his cape is another way of saying of not holding him accountable.

“Spitting into the wind” is a euphemism for describing the likelihood of being able to press charges to any of the guilty parties in our government. The whistleblower is more likely to get “wet” when trying to get charges to stick. Let’s just see how the Karl Rove/Scooter Libby/Dick Cheney CIA agent identity leak turns out. Valerie Plame has lost her cover, and although she was in a desk job; valuable training to be in the field has been wasted. Valerie’s husband gets to suffer for having reminding the public that they are being lied to by the Bush Administration.

Pulling the “mask” off the old Lone Ranger is another way of saying that the identity of the “guilty party” in this set of charges will never be identified. A Congressional Committee will launch an investigation and find that it isn’t anyone’s fault that our government is full of stinking liars that can’t be scrutinized by the same laws that apply to the masses. After all, they are more than politicians. They are celebrities.

It’s simply uncanny.



2 responses to “Jim Croce lyrics turn into modern day prophecy

  1. stupid. prophetic? nope. not biblical, literal or even close to saying what you have failed to show. you can take anything and turn it in to something when it is so broad and undescriptive. want true prophecy? read the HOLY BIBLE. It comes from GOD THE FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

  2. The thing is that I wasn’t trying to be prophetic. This entire post…as well as the entire blog is dedicated to playful mocking of pop culture and the players within it. Further reading of my blog might have informed you that I find a great many flaws in the current administration. This post was just an extension of that.
    In addition, I would guess that this song wasn’t written as prophesy. It would probably be safe to say it wasn’t written as a parable either. Mr. Croce may have just been singing about potential consequences for doing someone else wrong. It would still contain a lesson, I suppose. There are also many lessons contained in the Bible. It’s authors also shared the trait of mortality possessed by Mr. Croce as well. The point is that the inspiration to write the Bible may have been divine, but ultimately the Bible was still penned by mortals. The Bible is not proof that God exists. It’s proof that enough people were inspired by Him to pass the stories along through time.

    The whole essense of religion is faith. You believe in something that isn’t tangible. As a believer, you may see connections. However, those aren’t visible to someone who hasn’t made a “leap of faith.” If the Bible were collectively seen as definitive proof, I don’t think we’d have so many religions today. The truth does exist, but I think people define it through the relationship they choose to have (or not have) with the divine.

    thanks for stopping by!

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