The Bush Administration: The Musical!

The Bush Adminstration: The Musical!

The Grand Jury investigation, led by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, will conclude on Oct.28th which is handling the allegation of the identity of CIA operative, Valerie Plame, being leaked to the Press. So far, One journalist has spent time in jail for concealing the identity of the source. One President has also vowed to fire the people who leaked the information.However, the “leak” has since given permission for his name to be released. One Scott McClellan has also told this country that Rove & Libby are “good individuals” and that they were “not involved.” He knew this because he “checked out” the information first before telling the people this. The person identified turns out to be I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby who is the Chief Of Staff for Vice President Dick Cheney. Two journalists (Matthew Cooper, Time Magazine & Robert Novak, CNN Commentator & Chicago-Sun Times columnist) have testified that their sources of the leak include Karl Rove.

All we need now is an orchestra! Strike up the band and get ready for The Bush Adminstration: The Musical! 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue meets Broadway in this federal budget-busting, indictment winning performance guaranteed to make you laugh ’til you cry. You’ll enjoy everything from the Vaudevillian finger-pointing to the $1,000 a plate meals as they take you through a magical journey through our Federal Government. Watch the budget surplus change into grandchildren-crushing debt before your very eyes! Everyone is free to roam the theatre until the PATRIOT ACT, then you will be forced to stay in your seats. As a reminder, we ask patrons not to eat, drink, smoke, criticize the government, ask tough questions, or wear any offensive clothing that might hurt someone’s feelings in the Bush Administration or remind them that they are, in fact, doodyheads.

Narration provided by Bush Mouthpiece/Sneaky Press Weasel, Scott McClellan. Musical guests include Alberto Gonzales’s band, Death and the Organ Failures, as well as Sen. Frist’s band, Blind Trust. Although a band called F.E.M.A. is listed on the schedule, they may not actually get around to performing until the third or fourth day. Their manager, Michael Brown, was let go because it turns out he was a college roommate of someone who was best friends of a person who went to school with another person who was third cousins with Ferris Buehler. They were scheduled to perform in New Orleans, but never really showed up. So much for building their fan base…..

Security is going to be tight on this one, too, folks. We need everyone to show up 3 hours before the performance starts. A disinterested, underpaid Federal worker will inspect every few bags or so….until a media organization uncovers his criminal background and forces the government to fire that felon who shouldn’t have been working there in the first place.

You’ll love the lyrics…just don’t hook the singers up to a polygraph!!!

It’s the SOFTEST money you’ll ever spend!!!


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