Job interviews vs. dating

Life is full of interesting rituals. Some are commonly known, while others are very obscure. Fewer still, the history of such rituals may have faded out of existence; yet some practices are still very vibrant today. I truly wish I could meet the inventor of the dress suit and necktie….and beat the crap out of them. I bet the same idiot also came up with ironing.

I have recently experienced a job interview. I spent much of the time thinking about it, as I also mentally prepared for the interview itself. I had finally come to the conclusion thatthe ritual of dressing up for a job interview is much like the process of going on dates. You spend way more time than you normally do to make yourself into something you really aren’t. You also spend way more time than normal with the primping. The silly thing is that once you get the job (or relationship), you never really have the same standard of getting ready. You no longer are spending time getting the wrinkles out of your clothes, and probably now just race to the dryer before the end of the cycle to hang your clothes before they wrinkle. You probably aren’t as ritualistic about picking that “special” underwear for good luck either.

For those of us who are familiar with the social phenomenon of interpreting verbal tone and body language, or maybe those people who just like to analyze the s##t out of everything can understand the thinking here. You can find yourself thinking through all your behaviors and trying to modify some of them so you don’t scare off any future prospects, job or date-wise. The most relaxed of people can become temporary Obsessive-Compulsives who evaluate their appearance and aroma levels constantly. You end up getting all keyed up, so that you can’t even calm down to even try to be yourself.

However, I think that job interviews are even more stressful as many things here can’t be applied to help reduce the tension. First of all, your chances of getting a cold beer or shot of alcohol in an interview are slim to none. There isn’t a substance to take here to take the edge off the stress. Taking substances in front of your interviewer, studies show, can reduce your chances of getting that job. Another serious drawback is that even if the interview goes well, your chances of getting naked are also not good….at least, with my personal experience as interviews go.

Job interview and dating do have something in common, though. After the first “date,” you still wait around by the phone…wondering and waiting to see if they call again. I suppose that it is in your favor to be waiting to hear from a job interview. It is not at all likely that the future employer will call back and say that they don’t think it’ll work out and then say that they don’t think they should see you again.

I don’t know. It seems to be a toss-up of what is worse.



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