I am really thinking of converting to Pastafarianism


The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster may really seem like a fad, but their literature really spoke to me. It said “I am cooler that Church Of The Subgenius, yet have half the calories of other religions.”

I read testimonials on the website that some spoke of being “touched by his noodly appendage” and recoiled in horror, yet much like driving by a car accident; I felt obligated to continue to stare.

Religion is serious business….and if you play your cards right, you can really crank out some crazy theology. Just ask Pat Robertson….One day, you call a hit on the President of Venezuela and the next day you speak of God forsaking Dover, PA. While I have never been to Dover, PA; I have been to many other places in the United States. There are far many other cities that are better examples of God’s neglect. Mahanoy, PA would rank up their on that scale. Willoughby, Ohio would be on that list; along with Wickliffe, OH…..Akron, OH…..and pretty much anywhere within the state of Michigan, especially mid-state.

The only other on-line religion that I have felt drawn to is Kibology. However, Kibologists are remarkably silent when it comes to proselytizing. There are few pamphlets, but the information available is very conflicted. However, it sounds like doctrine taken from CHURCH OF WHAT’S HAPPENIN’ NOW.

That, my friends, is for a later post. Alas, I must go to bed because I am way tired.



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