M&M color guide for Network Administrators personalities

Red – Bold like a flashing warning light, you thrive on your network being down. You intentionally like to disconnect segments just to see how people react. You need serious help.

Blue – Like the Blue Screen of Death, you are cryptic and hard to read. You like to confuse people and give them information they don’t know how to use. Programming a computer excites you to the point of exhaustion.

Green – All systems go. Your skills as a network admin are unparalleled. You strive to keep 99.99% uptime and you pride yourself on your proactivity. However, you store pictures of nekkid people on the server at work.

Yellow – You are a stickler for detail, and even read every single End User Agreement you see. Fascinated by the cold, calculating ability of computers; you believe that human relationship should also be managed with error messages and beeping sounds to make them easier.

Grey – You have the functionality of Cat-5 cable, but prefer to be behind the scenes when it comes to getting things done. Thorough research and careful planning are your hallmarks. When any food is left in the main part of the office, you go into a feeding frenzy…even if it is food you don’t like…but hey, it’s free.

Brown – You dislike the day-to-day grind of dealing with computers. You actively seek out meetings to hide in to let your days pass you by. You live for interoffice memos and appreciate the scent of copying machines. If your office had to inventory all its paper clips, you’d volunteer in a heartbeat.

Orange – You call tech support hotlines just to hear the automated attendent-guided menus. You have saved every manual you have touched, and you like the smell of brand-new electronic components. You truly a weird person.

Purple – You giggle every time you hear computer terms like “packet sniffer” and “GUI.” You never like to take anything seriously too long, and you like to send out playful broadcast messages to everyone on your network. You are fascinated by technology catalogs, and will call 800 numbers to 24 hour customer support places just to see if someone answers.


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