NYC Transit Strike: Why doesn’t this seem balanced reporting?

I am not even effected by this strike, yet still have an opinion about it. Let’s review the facts, shall we?

-I did hear on National Public Radio that there is a media black-out on this issue, which I would assume would be the silence about the Transit workers Union demands.

-Nearly all stories, press and television, seem to be emphasizing those commuters unable to go to work and support their families. There also seems to be plenty of talk about how much money has been lost, reaching into the billions at this point.

-While striking after three days, the Transit Workers went back to work. However, they still haven’t signed any contracts.

-Because of something called the Taylor laws, the fines being waged against the union workers for striking are legal. I believe it was $1,000,000 each day they were on strike that the Union was fined.

-This obviously has created so much turmoil that not even Jennifer Aniston has chimed in yet. She must be very tired after all the SPEAKING OUT she has done to this point. God forbid that she doesn’t offer her followers some verbal directives. Thousands of people could be completely without any opinions if she didn’t offer something up soon.

-I have heard that the Transit Workers are asking that more money be put into their pensions (from the current 2% of their salaries to a projected 6%), and that the retirement age remain at 55 years of age (NYC is asking to have it moved up to 65). I have also heard that Transit workers are being asked for the first time to pay part of their healthcare benefits, which is – as I understand it – free of any out of pocket expenses now.

Here is a set of conclusions, based on the above information

-Have NYC demand they get their entire 3 million dollar fine upfront for the financial and emotional damage they have inflicted upon any and all New Yorkers effected by this fiasco.

-Have NYC put together a worse deal than before BECAUSE the Transit Workers overstepped their bounds, then tell the Union they have to take it because that is all that is being offered.

-Have NYC tell the Union that if they strike again, that each and every one of their striking members is fired. Hire new people in with new contract that compromises on the pension raise, includes employee contributions to the health care plan, offer HSA accounts to offset their costs, and have them sign a contract before working.

-Tell the Transit Union Management team that they have to apologize to each and every commuter for the damage they have done, then stinkpalm them and tell them we don’t appreciate terrorist tactics, domestic or foreign.

-Stinkpalm Jennifer Aniston.


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