Perhaps Dick Cheney needs to get out more….

Americans back Bush on wiretapping, Cheney insists
By Maura Reynolds in Washington (Sydney Morning Herald)
December 22, 2005 (excerpts from the article

….GEORGE BUSH’S decision to bypass court review and authorise domestic wiretapping by executive order is part of an effort to rebuild presidential powers weakened in the 1970s as a result of the Watergate scandal and the Vietnam War, the US Vice-President, Dick Cheney said….

…Mr Cheney, however, dismissed the idea that Americans were concerned about a potential abuse of power, saying that any backlash was likely to punish the President’s critics, not Mr Bush…..


According to a Feb. 2001 Pew Charitable Trust Poll:

62% of Americans said in the current survey they could trust the government only some of the time. That figure has risen from the 56% who expressed distrustful views of the government in 1988, and there was a period through the mid-1990s when it rose above 70%.

According to an Oct. 2, 2005 CBS Poll:

Most Americans believe that the right to privacy in general in this country has been compromised. 52% think the right to privacy is under serious threat, and another 30% think it has already been lost. Only 16% think it is still safe.


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