Christmas, Hannukah, & Qantas?

I recently heard on the local radio morning show that features a call out to a local car dealership something I thought was funny. The owner of the local car dealership was trying to acknowledge various faith’s holidays by mentioning Christmas, Hannukah, and (what sounded like) Qantas.

I am a fairly well-read person, but was not aware that the Australia airline company was celebrated as a holiday. I think I should ask my boss if we get Qantas off. =)

The only problem is that I wouldn’t know how to celebrate Qantas. I bet the decorations would include Koala bears and Eucalyptus leaves, though. I would also hope this would mean that other airlines would convert into holidays, too.

At least I would have a better idea how to decorate, for example, if the airline was Hooters. =)

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