Top 10 Surprises waiting for us in the last Harry Potter book

10) Hogwarts test scores go up after LEAVE NO WIZARD BEHIND legislation passes
9) Death Eaters refuse to give back gifts after being linked to Abramoff
8) Half-Blood Prince asks to now be referenced by a unpronounceable symbol
7) Muggles are allowed to unionize at the local Wal*Mart
6) Voldemort meets Dick Cheney at the annual family reunion
5) Hermione enlists the ACLU in her fight for the rights of House Elves
4) Alberto Gonzales is the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher
3) Federal workers replace private security firms for searching people before they apparate
2) Congress to investigate the use of Dementors at Guantanamo Bay
1) 4 Remaining horcruxes turn up on E-bay


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