Questions about Intelligent Design

Why do proponents of ID seem to think a war is being waged?

Was the world a better place when we did have prayer in schools?

Does reciting the Pledge of Allegiance unchallenged prevent things like the Columbine High School shooting?

Would there still be a need for metal detectors?

Why does ID challenge feel the need to science? Why not work its way into the classroom through something like a World Religions class? Who would be eligible to teach the class? Would having a Christian teacher mean they would be less likely to indoctrinate students thana teacher of a different faith? Would it still be called indoctrination if Atheists taught the course?

If it is important to get religion back into the school, why not choose another route?

What else would an “intelligent designer” refer to other than God?

What if aliens were involved with the formation of our planet? Would the Bible need to be rewritten, along with our science textbooks?

If Evolution is “full of gaps,” where does “some intelligent being must have created our world” fall into the range of vagueness?

Would God abandon us simply because we didn’t have ID mentioned in a classroom? Doesn’t that contradict the omnipotent thing? Wouldn’t that make His love conditional?


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