NSA’s communication intercepting program TRAILBLAZER appears to be failing

I recently read in the Morning Call, an Allentown, PA newspaper, that this program doesn’t appear to have lived up to its design. After 6 years and $1.2 Billion dollars, the program still does not work. Even though, the article reports, that the last several years and at least 30 reviews by individuals working with the program said that wasn’t working.

The article cites that problems occurred with overpayment of contractors, poor planning, and design features that couldn’t be delivered because the contractors overestimated their ability.

Would it kill anyone to maybe put some checks in balances in place when these contracts are written out? Isn’t it bad enough that contracts can go no-bid to companies who have ties to those making the financial decisions? Aren’t there going to be any consequences for the companies that don’t deliver their contractual agreements?

Why isn’t anyone in our government asking these questions? Why aren’t voters asking these questions?



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