The lamest defense for supporting the government’s wiretapping

“If you don’t have anything to hide,
you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

Why is this lame? Perhaps because it wasn’t all that long ago that the FBI maintained files on a whole host of people they considered risks. Martin Luther King Jr. & his wife were on that list. John Lennon, one of the Beatles, was on that list. A list of people who had these files created and maintained, all without their knowledge. I am sure there were many others, including those who were not of celebrity status but had some recogition as troublemakers or protesters. That is just it. You never really had to hide anything. You could simply get the attention of the people, hold opinions that the government doesn’t like, or have people anonymous call your name in because they didn’t like you or felt slighted by you. People who say this are either have no idea what freedom really is, or haven’t been paying attention to our history as a country. George W. Bush should not be given a blank check here. He can’t even manage the real kind of checks either. Just as the Federal Budget.

Anyway, the government continues to be fascinated with lists. With the scare of Communism in the 1950s, blacklisting was something that kept lots of people busy; including our government and the entertainment industry.

These days, the lists are more rampant. There is the secret N0-Fly list, which includes Senators along with toddlers who are hassled by airport security because they are on this list. The list of those held in captivity are not public lists, so even if you were born and raised in the United States; you could be spending quality time at Gitmo Bay without anyone knowing you are there or no. You would simply be missing to the rest of the world. Speaking of which, you could travel the world and spend sightseeing time in foreign countries in hidden U.S.-managed buildings, shuffled around to various places under the human rights radar. Not even lawyers can find out who or where you are……but then again, it’s not like the government has any encompassing powerful software program in place. I guess the government needs wiretaps because they can’t get the TRAILBLAZER software to work.

O.k. I get it now.



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