The Advanced PC Troubleshooting Class given by SkillPath

For those who are familiar with the functions and various settings in BIOS, the registry, and basic networking; this course would include a lot of rehashing of what you already know. For those who have taken the A+ or Network+ coursework or test, you may not even really get much from this fairly expensive class. I did learn a few neat little tricks and tips about managing computers, plus get some good leads on websites for more information. The teacher also gave us the choice to get copies of some various documentation and freeware programs AND a diagnostic disk to help isolate computer problems.

I did like the class, although it would have been nicer if the 5 other people would have talked more. I go to these events to not only learn about the content, but also meet new people who are in the field. The networking can be very valuable. I guess that the computer field doesn’t always draw those capable of being gregarious with much frequency.

Oh well.


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