Is it true that you are watching Dancing With The Stars?

With stars like this, who wouldn’t tune in?

I am not generally into dancing, either participating in it or watching other people do it. However, this show is strangely entertaining. While some may tune in to see the red, leathery skin of George Hamilton or the collagenic lip surgery mistake of Lisa Rinna; others may be drawn to the hypnotic movements of tall, leggy models who can seriously bring home the dancing bacon.

I had no idea who Stacy Keibler was until I started watching this show. I obviously don’t follow professional wrestling or I would have seen this poster child for leg fetishes sooner. From what I have read on-line about her, it seems that she has been dancing a long time….much longer than her involvement in wrestling.

There is also another worth watching, too. The dance instructor who works with the retired NFL player, Jerry Rice. I believe her name is Anna Trebunskaya. Not only is she a hottie like Ms. Keibler, she also speaks with a Russian accent. Rrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, while Jerry doesn’t quite have all the moves down, he is definitely better than that Master P dude. It was touching that he was covering for his son because of an injury. However, Master P had dance moves that looked more like he was being chased with villagers with torches and pitchforks. George Hamilton also was voted off the Dancing ‘island’, too. While he had more moves than Master P, I guess his fan base couldn’t make up the deficit from the judge’s votes.


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