Why was Dick Cheney applauded at that Wyoming event recently?

Were they simply appreciating his (eventual) candor when admitting his role in the shooting to the public? Or do they have something against lawyers?

To me, the man does not need applause for several reasons:

1) He was not the victim here. He was not the one shot. I am sorry but taking some bad press and being the butt of jokes doesn’t earn you anything here. He could have avoided most of this if he didn’t appear to be so reluctant to tell the truth.

2) While many people despise lawyers, it’s not a good idea to start applauding when somebody shoots one of them. Although if people started shooting at them, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to chase after ambulances or charge so much for their services.

3) There are bigger issues at hand. The war in Iraq, the economy, our education system, health care, Medicare Part D, and many other topics should be in the spotlight. Let’s not forget about the renewing of some sections of the PATRIOT ACT either.

I really hope this doesn’t end up as a heartwarming mini-series or a book deal. This issue really needs to go away….really.


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