You offended me, so I am afraid I have to incite violence and kill you

For those of us in the free world, we have a hard time understanding the furor around the Danish cartoon that has unleased the violent and deadly behavior around the globe. We can pick up most newspapers and not only read about things we like and support; we can also get to read scathing commentary about things we like, too. We can read editorials written by people of various skill levels with a wide range of viewpoints, and the world does not come to a screeching halt because someone disagreed with us. Cartoons like Snuffy Smith have been published for decades, all without causing riots with in the redneck population. Hillbilly religious leaders have also not called for a million dollar reward to kill the one who penned Snuffy and his buddies. In fact, I think there may only be 5 Snuffy Smith fans around today. Regardless, what should our response be to such acts against all things Danish?

I think the logical steps have been to boycott all things Danish. I could possibly even see renaming the breakfast pastry of the same name as a viable, although silly option. It’s silly because I am sure that it hasn’t completely stopped consumption of those lovely cream cheese-filled snacks, and it doesn’t exactly “hit ’em in the wallet” when all that happens is a renaming.

If your first and immediate response to anger is to pick up a gun, maybe you should consider some anger management classes. You might also reread your holy book of choice, too. If the bulk of those who practice “a religion of peace,” to me it seems obvious that some vital message is being missed by the few followers who want to destroy the demons that appear in characature. Another option might be to start your own new religion. It would make it easier for us Westerners to be able to sort things out. That way, when we slap a label of “nutjob” on the latest religious practice; it just makes it more accurate and leaves those practicing less-violent forms of religion in the clear.

Oh, if blowing things up is part of your religious ritual; for those of us who still have work to do on this plane of existence would like to be left out. Say hi to the 72 virgins for us, and send them our love.



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