17 year old high school student shows that clothes iron can kill Anthrax spores

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, subsequent anthrax attacks in the mail killed five and injured 17 later that fall. A germ warfare specialist from the former Soviet Union told a Congressional committee in October 2001 that a hot steam iron could be used to kill anthrax spores.

During a CNN interview several months later, Raymond Roberge said high heat could kill anthrax, but he didn’t know if an iron would work.

Marc Roberge didn’t use anthrax in his experiments, which he performed at home and at school. “The government might have had a problem with that,” Marc told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, referring to the toxic and highly regulated substance.

Instead, he used another kind of bacterial spore from the anthrax family that is more heat-resistant than anthrax, and which scientists use as a surrogate for anthrax in their experiments.

Marc put paper strips with millions of spores inside envelopes, then ironed them at various settings for up to 15 minutes.

His findings: an iron adjusted to the highest setting, about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, killed all the spores if they were ironed for at least five minutes.

*****Partial article taken from Yahoo! Feb/21/2006

My comments:

All of the Federal Agencies, plus the CDC were unable to come up with this defense against Anthrax; but a germ warfare specialist in the Former Soviet Union and a high school student were able to get some valuable, and possibly useful information to the public.

The Bush Administration said that they didn’t recognize this because was a publically available clue. The kind that they look for are the imaginary clues that they think they will collect by wire-tapping each and every phone call. I am sure they will call for an investigation, pouring billions of dollars into it, having the results presented after 2 years but then delayed, and will not find anyone guilty of anything. However, they will promise it will never happen again.

Records will be destroyed, people will be paid off, and the media will stop covering it. Then everyone can go back to their television dinners and their Walton’s reruns. The world will, once again, be peachy keen.


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