Those magnetic ribbons on cars….

By not having one, I decided that I support not supporting magnets on cars. I feel they are being exploited for their magnetic ways, and it is wrong. They are subjugated to secondary car decoration status, and once they are sun-faded; they are simply tossed aside like splat-cats or BABY ON BOARD signs. It’s bad enough to see magnet exploited by having soccer balls, sports mascots, and paw prints on our highways. These magnets were probably made in a third-world country in a factory run by Kathie Lee Gifford.

It is wrong and I am not going to stand for it anymore.

Join me in the fight for magnet rights! Join L.A.M.E (Loonies Against Magnet Exploitation). Membership fees can be anything you want….but you can rest assured that we WON’T be sending you a magnet to further our cause. We can send you some literature, but in support of my friend’s cause; I ask that you not exploit pushpins or thumbtacks in displaying it. That would be cruel, too.

thank you



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