The blending of politics and religion in America

Although it might be said that our country is founded on Christian values, I think it’s interesting that it’s an implied unity. I would think that there are enough variances among those who consider themselves Christian that it may be more diverse than stated. For example, Deists are considered Christian (a faith professed by many founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson) but their beliefs in divine involvement with the masses don’t correspond with other Christian traditions. Of course, Biblical interpretation has historically allowed some Christians to also take some broad liberties with the content and expression. I am just saying there may not be a wide set of Christian values tying us all together.

It also makes the “we need to get back to the Old Time Religion” comments that much more interesting. How far back might this be? Considering how much mingling of religious beliefs have occurred over the centuries, I don’t think any faith today would recognize the practices of their religion long ago. What exactly would we be going back to?

Even looking back a few centuries, this also doesn’t get into the prevalence of secret intellectual societies at the time of our forefathers and their blending of mysticism and non-Christian symbols in ritual, which allowed the expression of non-mainstream faith as well.

I am just sharing this observation. One would have to extrapolate their own conclusions to determine if Bush is a poopyhead.


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