Let’s talk about sects!

I think most of the problems in the world are because people are afraid to talk about sects. Parents don’t talk to their children about sects. Schools are too afraid to mention anything to kids about sects, and only if their parents sign a waiver. This leaves kids to find out about sects on television.

Because so many people have so many views, they can’t agree on sects. Some believers feel they need to convert others to their sects, while others will kill defending their sectual beliefs. The war is Iraq is about sects. No one can seem to agree which offers the most choices when it comes to sects. This whole Danish cartoon is about sects. Terrorism is about sects. Islam is one of many different sects, but some believe that it is o.k. for sectual violence.

We need to stand up for sects. We need to make sects safe. If we could all just get along better, then the sects would probably get better.



One response to “Let’s talk about sects!

  1. This leaves me wondering…..I go to an interfaith church. Does that make me bisectual?

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