It turns out that I really DO have a life

I had checked out a picture hosting website called FLICKR.COM. While this site has probably been public for some time now, I didn’t realize what it was until I heard about it in PCWorld Magazine.

I didn’t realize that there are so many mundane things in the world that I needed to see pictures of. My life has reached a new sense of completeness, now that I have seen pictures taken by anonymous strangers with camera phones and digital cameras capture the world around them. Millions of people with the computer know-how carving out their niche to be unique….just like everyone else.

Of course, I have gotten around yet to posting the 3,500 photos of my two Pomeranians. They are so freakin cute….especially when they poop all over my backyard and chew holes in my dark socks. No, wait. I love it when they bark at anything and everything that passes outside the front window…the mailman…a police car….the wind……It’s lovely. Really.

Note to self: See how much Pomeranians go for on E-bay.



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