Could there ever be a parenting brochure?

I think if those of us who are raising children (or who have raised children) could put together a brochure to explain what it means to be a parent; those considering the parenting role would either be frightened or wouldn’t believe what they read.

My take is that parenting is like riding a rollercoaster while reading a book AND eating a chili dog. You get pulled into direction you didn’t think you would go. Time can seem like its flying by or come to a screeching halt, and leave you temporarily disoriented. You noticed that you can’t quite remember what the book was about, or can’t remember whether or not you enjoyed the meal. It is fun, exciting, scary, dizzying, rewarding and messy. However, there is nothing like carrying your sleeping children and tucking them into bed…..or giving piggyback rides to the next room….reading them a story but making up your own words but getting busted for it and having to start over again….or having your very own artist who creates 37 variations of dinosaurs and aliens then insists you hang each and every piece at work.

I don’t think there could ever be a brochure for all that.



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