How patriotic can George W. Bush be?

He is telling the public how we must “stay the course” with fighting in Iraq. We can’t back down because that will send the wrong message to the terrorists. We must be there to support the troops.

I can’t really argue with that. I may not support the government’s decision to hastily enter a country that was never really directly involved with terrorism, but I do support the troops for defending our country and doing the job they do. Some may even think that Bush is doing everything he can for them…well, assuming you overlook the fact that the troops don’t have the personal body armor they need. You know something is wrong when family members have to chip in to by it for them. Care packages should be things like cookie and blankets. Oh, you might also need to overlook the fact that Bush isn’t spending the money to fortify some of the more vulnerable vehicles with armor.

Oh, you might also want to overlook the fact that the balancing the federal budget and knocking down the deficit includes some scary things. Along with cuts in education and medicare, it seems Gee Dubya plans on reeling in the expanding financial demands of veteran benefits. As we create more veterans, including injured and those needing some form of rehabilitation, he plans on reducing the amount of money available to VETERANS. That’s right. The hardworking, devoted Americans who are willing to put their lives on the line so we can hold onto our freedom AND teach new countries what it’s like to experience freedom for the first time. They mean so much to George that we wants to give them all a Bronx cheer for their efforts.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely dreamy if those chuckleheads that we vote into office realized that budgets should not be hypothetical experiments, but based on the money we actually have? It would be nice if they also put on one face to greet a crowd of people, only to wear another when it comes time to make decisions.



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