Jessica Alba wants Playboy to pull her picture off its cover?

How many people have appeared on the cover of Playboy and didn’t appear nude or even partially nude inside the magazine? Try Claudia Schiffer. Even Barbie Benton appeared on something like 4 covers over a span of several years before she bared some skin. What’s the big deal, Jessica? If you didn’t get naked in front of a photographer, it isn’t an issue. If Playboy was presented with promotional material with your picture on it, maybe you should have more of a beef with your agents or distributors (I believe Sony Pictures was mentioned in the Yahoo article I read).

If you are concerned about how your picture is distributed, I would try Googling your name. You will see all sorts of stuff on the Internet. I don’t know about you, but I would be creeped out.

Maybe if you just made yourself a nice big bowl of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese…and put some peas in it. Pour yourself a nice tall Fresca, too. Polish that off and you will be good as new.


Call me if you need a shoulder to cry on.



3 responses to “Jessica Alba wants Playboy to pull her picture off its cover?

  1. When Playboy Ruled?
    Seriously though, when did playboy “rule the world.”?

  2. I’d say the Playboy empire probably peaked in the late 1980s. The magazine was only part of it. Parties at the Playboy mansion were notorious for all sorts of shenanigans. The Playboy Clubs which had some popularity had begun to wane at that point, but the presence was there. I also think that their video market and cable programming raked in some serious cash back then too.

    I think it had more of an influence then. By the time the 1990s rolled around, Playboy had already lost most of its power. Today, it is a shell of itself…merely a magazine. In the peak of its days, it also had some print substance as well. Getting interviewed in Playboy was an achievement, along with the journalistic talents that filled it…along with the heavily air-brushed, curvy women that had most of their nudity skillfully masked in the fold and stapling of the magazine.

    I think it even had political clout in the olden days, too. Today, it is just a shadow of itself compared to back then.

  3. I haven’t picked up a Playboy in a real long time. I think with the advent of the internet, I tend to look at most magazines on line – although, I still have subscriptions to several publications (which are piled up near my bed – neatly, of course).

    Point is, I can’t compare the quality of current issues to the golden ages when Playboy was cutting edge.

    My boyfriend has a lifetime subscription to Penthouse. He claims that, since Guccioni left, the quality of the models ain’t the same. Me, well, I personally read the articles so I can’t tell you about the good stuff heehee

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