You have to fight for your right…..for privacy

F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-Wis.,chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is setting us all straight when he tells us that NO ONE to this point has had their rights violated because of the PATRIOT ACT. He says in Yahoo! article (dated Thu Mar 2, 7:02 AM ET)that “extensive Congressional oversight” has found no violations. He also claims that the PATRIOT ACT also strengthens port security.

I might be willing to believe him if some things the Bush Administration has done to conflict with the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

1) Bush was not part of the group that considered and approved of the original Dubai deal. Roughly a month goes by, then Bush is informed that the decision was made. Bush’s response was to support it. Clearly, we should already know that anything that Bush thinks is a good idea is a bad sign already, and that his decision-making skills are fuel mainly by whim. I love the lack of accountability and hindsight he has. I like the way he crinkles his nose and looks annoyed when we bust him in a lie. Oh wait, that’s right, I remember. They DID tell me the levees were gonna be breached. I thought you meant that OTHER memo.

2) Since we are still only physically inspecting about 5% of all the cargo that comes into our ports daily, does that mean we are doing an even more thorough search of that same 5%? I don’t think you need to be a math major to figure our what percentage is NOT getting physically inspected. Oh wait, the port inspectors also have hand-held radioactive-checking devices. That must really lock down the other 95%. What is this security system called? The Honor System? The Sieve? The condom-thumbtacked-to-the-headboard protection level?

3) Regardless of whether or not rights have been currently violated by the PATRIOT ACT, the ACT itself did manage to get passed rather hastily THEN Congressional remorse set in. Guess they didn’t read the whole several hundred page bill then? There does seem to be quite a bit of opposition to the PATRIOT ACT and its sunset provisions becoming permanent. Maybe its because the PATRIOT ACT had undone some laws from decades earlier, specifically because rights were determined at that time to have been violated. I think the Bush Administration plan may not be to (blatantly) violate them UNTIL they are made permanent.

4) Had Congress even consulted Jennifer Aniston up until this point? My God! How can we possibly get anywhere as a country until every aspect of our waking day is controlled by some Anistonian doctrine?!?


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