Paula Abdul’s breech of airport security causes panic

While travelling from Las Vegas to California, Paula Abdul (of American Idol judging fame) and a guest were led around the on-board screening process by a airport worker. This resulted in the all the passengers having to be rescreened at the California airport after landing. It is not clear on how searching a plane after it lands is effective in preventing terrorist attacks. There was also no report on whether or not any sporks were missing from the plane either.

The search conducted on the tarmac of the California airport did not yield any guns, knifes, weapons, or explosives. However, security did find that Ms. Abdul was carrying a copy of her 1991 album SPELLBOUND with the notoriously bad single “VIBEOLOGY.” Security guards determined that since the disk was still in the cellophane that no one would have suffered through hearing it.

There is a God, after all.


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