The Best Selling Childrens’ Books Of All Time

The Best Selling Childrens’ Books Of All Time

29. The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger (1951)

I have read this book. I have reread this book. I have read many of the other books on the list. I can’t believe this made this list. However, I also can’t believe that Shel Silverstein escaped this list. I can possibly understand the Beverly Cleary series of “Ramona The Pest” not making it, although I still remember reading that from my younger days.

If they are talking children’s books, I think that they also need to include the earlier childhood stuff, too. “When You Give A Mouse A Cookie” is a great book. It has that classic circular storyline that kids love. “The Araboolies Of Liberty Street” is a fun book, too. While this book may also be targeting the kindergarten set, it is still a fun book about the consequences of conformity.

I am not sure why “Catcher In The Rye” made it. I don’t really remember anything profound or remarkable about it. I remember not being impressed as a high schooler when I first read it. I have a feeling that many books like this have snuck onto ‘classic book titles’ for no obvious reason. There are some that even think that Shakespeare is some form of entertainment, too.


One response to “The Best Selling Childrens’ Books Of All Time

  1. me too! i was disappointed by the catcher in the rye after seeing it mentioned in high praise. totally regretted buying the book but i still read it again and again trying hopelessly to find the meaning. maybe it will dawn on me twenty years time.

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