Results Not Typical*

I would absolutely love it if there was truth in advertising. You can’t really even watch a telvision commercial without there being some kind of disclaimer or “fine print” about the product or service. My favorite line, often used by the NutriSystem commercials is the phrase, Results Not Typical.

This appears in a small font next to a large before-n-after picture of someone who has managed to lose a significant amount of weight. However, visiting the website will show you that even 10-20 lbs gets the “Results Not Typical” label, too. Weight Loss commercials are only part of the R.N.T. deal. Those entrepreneurial commercial that show people who become their own boss and work whatever system is being pitched, packed onto an educational video. They show people sitting in expensive cars, resting comfortably on patio-like rooms of big mansions, or resting comfortably on a beach somewhere. The remarkable system helped them pull in 6 digits of salary, allowing them time to spend with their families. Of course, along with the R.N.T. disclaimer, they also show “ACTOR PORTRAYAL” disclaimer, too. Does this mean that the people who actually made those amounts are too ugly for television or does that mean that while they became rich, they may not be trusted to express their true feelings about the system.

Anyway, here’s my deal. Why not have the “Results Not Typical” disclaimer on other things? How about campaigning commercials? When the candidate explains how they were able to pass legislation to get some favorable ruling passed, they could put that R.N.T. disclaimer in there. I think that you probably should add some fine print that the only reason it passed actually had to do with the fact that it was pork-barrelled into a large piece of legislation having to do with funding the war or something like that.

On a serious note, I would like to see the name and address of those people/group funding politically-oriented commercials made clear right up front. I don’t want to see some shadow non-profit organizational name like Americans For Freedom, Justice And Large Boobs. I want to know the chief source of funding and ALL organizations behind it. I don’t want hidden agendas. I want clarity. If your agenda has to be hidden, I want to know who is doing the hiding so I can figure out why.

It would be nice if we could get our political system back. Wouldn’t it?



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