Imaginary Fan Mail #2 (computer-generated spam*)

*the content was taken from an actual piece of unsolicited e-mail

Dear stjarna,

Gliding golden characters on all the great red and green bottles in the loved me. I didnt exactly say so; I softened it down as much as tortoise to him, this concealment, into which I am so unhappy as to have say ing that perhaps I should consult his feelings best by ingredient he told me I had better take a week to consider of what he had diaphragm think I made myself very ridiculous, but I know I was resolute.

Vino stopping short upon the hearth-rug. Have you considered your type Miss Mills must have been born to be a blessing to us. She chipping advancement, the testamentary intentions I may have with reference christen Pooh. nonsense. said Mr. Spenlow,reddening. Pray dont tell me find of the noble art and mystery of stenography which cost me ten and longing dropped the other fragments of the system; in short, it was almost curl Parliamentary career, and was made responsible for such awful settled I then put it to Miss Mills, to say whether she considered that millenium length I was moving quietly towards the door, with the intention of subscribe French songs about the impossibility of ever on any account leaving clitoris my manner of stating the case I believe Dora concluded that I was sheath such a triumphant little kiss, direct from her innocent heart, that tyre cravat and spine.

You have done a stealthy and unbecoming action,vacant respectfully and sorrowfully as I felt; but pray believe me, I unused I believe it was the old identical steel-clasped reticule of my sandman and prayed that stony-hearted woman to forgive her – of her having hitch which quite affected me. He was so peaceful and resigned – clearly basic Instead of returning my Good morning with his usual affability.


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