Thomas Dolby has a blog!

He gives some interesting info about the equipment he uses. He also talks about other interests, tracking down family photos, some family history, and that Kevin Federline (Britney Spear’s husband) had illegally sampled a track he has the copywrite to. I didn’t know that Mr. Spears had a rap career? I didn’t even know he had a career? I think I remember seeing pictures of the man. From what I remember, he looks like a dirt bag. I suppose I need to remember that Britney’s first attempt at marriage lasted 55 hours over a long weekend in Vegas. Unlike most males, I think Mrs. Spears is unattractive fluff…it seems she can add “lousy taste in men” to a growing list a serious flaws.

Anyway, being a techie myself, I found Thomas Dolby’s blog to rock. Check it out!


p.s. For those of you remember the Thomas Dolby video sampler, remember the triangle-head in the “Hyperactive” video? Europe, hyperactivate. Wise up, hyperactivate. Get up, hyperactivate.


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