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Tell Tom DeLay ‘Thank You’ For His Service

He did it for the good of the conservative movement, understanding that, if he didn’t step aside, there was a chance that a Democrat might win that seat, since they’ve been pouring MILLIONS of dollars into that race in Texas.

I think the chances of there being a seat opening up would be pretty good if you get indicted on charges too.

When’s the last time you’ve seen the ENTIRE LEFT WING come together to gang up on one single person on the right?

I think it was the Texas Grand Jury that “ganged up” on Tom DeLay here. The ENTIRE LEFT WING didn’t make Mr. DeLay illegally work in illegal corporate financial contributions to a 2002 election to get district lines redrawn to get more of his party members in his state. The ENTIRE LEFT WING also didn’t force Mr. DeLay to allegedly take funding from lobbyists to fund foreign trips either.

We saw it happen to President George W. Bush during the last election. If there was a vile name the Left could call him, they used it. If there was a despicable act they could perform against him, they did it. If there was a lie they could make up about him, they all agreed to say it, over and over again.

Vile name calling? You mean names like ‘criminal’ and ‘lawbreaker?’

Oh, and most of them were paid to do it by radical left-wing billionaire George Soros. Remember him?

George Soros isn’t responsible for Tom DeLay gerrymandering either.

And every time the Left lied about President Bush, or took some action against him, or called him every nasty name in the book… the mainstream media made sure to print it, publish it, air it, and show it. The press played the part of “lapdog” to the radical leftists every chance they got, with the goal of bringing down the top conservative leader. And if they had the opportunity, they’d do it to someone else, too.

Catching George W. Bush is lies is so 4 years ago. Most Americans have become numb to anything he says now. We have grown tired of Scott McClellan doing his verbal tapdance around “what exactly the President said.” The spin now seems to be Bush made decisions based on information given to him. Of course, he also seems to be splitting hairs when he says that he will fire those who leak to the press, but spontaneously declassify information in an attempt to discredit those who speak against him. The chances of anyone holding Bush accountable is right up there with an Elvis sighting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold Tom DeLay accountable.

Well, they found that “someone else” — Tom DeLay, a man who actually GOT RESULTS on Capitol Hill. And THAT is why they were out to get him.

Results would be….what? Has Congress solved issues like Health Care, Medicare/Medicaid, Port Security, F.E.M.A, Education, or any other pressing matter? Where does the Major League Baseball Steroid Scandal fall on the politcal scale of importance? No, really?

EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people and groups on the far Left were doing EVERYTHING THEY COULD to *destroy* this solid conservative icon. This was not some imaginary “vast left-wing conspiracy.” Not just a *few* far-left groups were attacking Congressman DeLay — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM were. Liberal group after liberal group, Democrat after Democrat, liberal media outlet after liberal media outlet… they all lined up to destroy Tom Delay.

Poor Tom DeLay. He couldn’t have possibly tried to circumvent Texas law when it came to channelling money through the RNC to come back to the state government. He must have had a bad childhood. Some mean old liberal must of made him do it. Wahhh!

He’s been a “team player” for the cause throughout it all. When a partisan District Attorney in Texas brought trumped-up phony indictments against him, Rep. DeLay stepped down as Majority Leader, and has been successfully fighting those false charges. And now, to keep that seat in Republican hands, he’s decided to resign from Congress.

If, by team player, you mean someone who promotes the business-as-usual attitude; then, sure, he’s a team player.

This is a man of true integrity and character — something sorely lacking in Washington, D.C. We need to THANK him for his years of service and dedication.

He’s manipulative. He’s a criminal. He needs to leave. Stepping down is what he should have done long ago.

TAKE ACTION: Rep. DeLay got it right when he said, “The point is, the other side has figured out how to win and defeat the conservative movement. And that is to go after people, personally charge them with frivolous charges, and link that up with all these do-gooder organizations funded by George Soros, and then get the national media on their side. That whole syndicate that they have going on right now is for one purpose and one purpose only, and that’s to destroy the conservative movement. It is to destroy conservative leaders, and not just in elected office, but leading.”

Is it our fault that some conservative leaders are destroyed by their own actions to break the law? There you go again about George Soros. Sheesh. Give it up already.

HE’S EXACTLY RIGHT. As conservative author and movement founder Paul Weyrich has written, Rep. DeLay had a “large target” on his back, BECAUSE OF his success in defeating the liberal agenda. “What has really gotten DeLay in such trouble these days are two public statements,” wrote Weyrich. “First, [he] said he was ‘dedicated to ending the practice of abortion as we know it.’ And second, DeLay said the federal courts must be reined in.”

The federal courts need to be reigned in?!? Would you be saying that if Democratic leadership were indicted for the same thing as Mr. DeLay? I doubt it. The Federal courts are not the issue here, dude.

So what’s the big deal there? Plenty of other lawmakers have said similar things… but the difference is that DeLay MEANT IT — and he was actually in a position to do something about it. The people and groups on the far Left knew this… so they were determined to STOP him before he destroyed their “ideological playground.”

Well, they haven’t stopped him. Yes, he won’t be in Congress any longer — but there’s NO doubt that now he’ll be a leader in other ways, moving the conservative agenda forward at a pace that will make the Left wish they had just left him alone in the House!

Has the conservative (or even liberal) agenda become “do it until you get caught”?

Let’s THANK Rep. DeLay for what he’s done for the conservative movement — and for America. Click below NOW to send a FREE message directly to his office (scroll down that page and click on “Compose Your Own Letter” and click “Next Step”):

Also, if you’d like your message to be even more personal, you can select the “Extra Impact” option to have your letter quickly and inexpensively printed and hand-delivered directly to Congressman DeLay’s office!

NOTE: Be sure to forward this Alert to everyone you know who wants to know how they can thank this conservative hero who’s been under attack by all of the forces of the radical Left. Thank you!

Forward this alert onto anyone thick enough to support career Congressmen who have decided that looking out for yourself and your friends in more important than representing the people who elected you. Forward this onto people who think Congressmen should be above the law.


William Greene, President


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