An open letter to old people

I want you to know that I believe that old people are a valuable asset to society. I think that our society has lost a great deal by seeing your presense pushed aside, not only by the government but also how you are viewed by most people. I think that children today need to shut off their I-PODS and put down their X-boxes, and spend time listening to what life should be like. A time where dinner was fixed and served on a dinner table, and eaten at a leisurely pace. The phone didn’t ring after 9 pm at night, or at all on Sundays. Summers were spent playing games like Kick The Can and baseball until the sun went down, or spending the day playing in a creek out in the woods. Remembering when it was a big deal when all the neighborhood kids got together and scrounged for items to make a clubhouse. Those were the days.

I like old people. I hope to be one someday. However, I don’t think my future grandkids are going to be anymore likely to believe the “I walked several miles to school in 15 foot of snow, uphill….BOTH WAYS!” line either. I am still going to use it, though.


p.s. Sorry, didn’t mean to turn all HALLMARK CARD on you. I just had a deep thought and went with it.


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