A cornucopia of haikus!

stuff in my pockets
car keys wallet and small change
and something like lint

never has there been
a haiku about waffles
that is until now

toothbrush oh toothbrush
I try to keep you free of
crusty gel boogers

religion should be
more than passing judgement on
everyone else dude

I will not make it
through this next office meeting
we’re out of coffee

A hangover gives
you the ability to
hear light pass through glass

let us find the man
who created the iron
and beat him senseless

where did the naked
people post their pics before
we had Internet

should we care about
Jen, Brad, or Angelina?
I certainly don’t


One response to “A cornucopia of haikus!

  1. So many haikus
    I like the waffle one best
    Now I want breakfast

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