A few comments about the new X-Men movie (the third film in the series)

-The special effects are pretty cool.

-They introduce new characters.

-I found it difficult to believe that Magneto would walk away from a very prone, and very naked Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) at one point in the movie. I don’t care if she wasn’t a mutant at that point, dude. There’s always time for spending time with naked women.

-Evidently, they don’t have an age requirement to be an X-Man. Shadowcat looks 12 years old. They probably had to get her parents to sign-off on stuff, plus they probably had to do all their filming after nap time.

Shadowcat (No, this isn’t Melissa Ethelridge’s little sister)

-Halle Berry has been quoted in magazines already that she isn’t interested in staying with this role. She doesn’t want to be type-cast as a superhero. Judging by the lack of interest generated by her Catwoman role, I don’t think she is at risk of being called back for that.

-I ate popcorn while watching the film.


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