Does anyone remember those movies they used to show in drivers education?

Whatever became of Signal 30 or Highway To Hell? These were required at one time for new drivers to see what can happen in car accidents. State Troopers used to carry cameras around with them to show accident victims.

Pretty grim stuff.

Do they still show these anymore?


2 responses to “Does anyone remember those movies they used to show in drivers education?

  1. In the mood for a cautionary film about drinking?

    Try this: Alcohol is Dynamite.

  2. Hi, Everyone – please help in esoteric research!

    Am searching for a “film” I saw several times in elementary school (1974-1980) – one of those old black & whites, probably filmed in the late 50’s/early 60’s – that the teachers would play for us when it was too hot to play outside, or they had to grade papers and wanted us quiet.

    Can’t find it on the web, as yet:
    Simple plot: young boy (14?) goes to work/sub at a local donut shop one day, life is good, but then he is left to run the machinery by himself when (yowza!) an Ava Gardner look-alike sashays in (weraing a diamond bracelet big enough to choke my dog) and it – Balst! – drops off her wrist and into the donut batter/machine unnoticed!! Later – the woman comes back, and somehow they create a donut sale to find the diamond bracelet baked/fried into one of the donuts… so, mindless people are buying up BAGS of donuts – to bite into, break their teeth, and find the bracelet for the reward!

    But I can’t find the movie…
    or the title…
    or the distributor…
    I’ve searched evrything…

    Who knows this “movie?”
    I can’t be the only one, from 1955 to 1980, who remembers this film at school…

    Please help & Thanks!!


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